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I have been photographing professionally for over 2 years, I now study photography in Barcelona and have been interning in a Fashion magazine (Metal). This year I have worked with influencers, stylists and directors and through this I have gained much experience and confidence in my work. I focus on portraiture and fashion photography but by working with different clothing brands and different clients as a whole I am now able to tackle any type of photoshoots.


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Preguntas y respuestas

¿Qué formación y experiencia tienes que estén relacionadas con tu trabajo?
Photography course- Grisart School
¿Qué consejo le darías a alguien que quiera contratar profesionales de tu sector? ¿Hay algo esencial a tener en cuenta?
It is important to hire someone which the style of photographs matches what you are looking for.
¿Cómo empezaste a trabajar en este sector profesional?
I have been organising photoshoots since I was 13 years old, my whole family friends and even I already knew what my profession would be from a young age.
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