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Alxconnor Still Photographer

Alex has an extensive career as a still photographer on film set. He specialises in advertising spots, feature films, documentaries, music videos and behind the scenes. This experience ranges from working for production companies, advertising agencies, major brands and clients around the world:

Anomaly (New York), Saatchi & Saatchi (London), Smuggler (London) Stillking (London), adam&eveddb (London), Mobile Ecosystem Forum (London), Palma Pictures (Mallorca), Motel Productions (Barcelona), Astro Spatial Audio (Amsterdam), EMI Music Spain (Madrid), Parlophone Music Spain, Paris Fashion Week (Paris), Wilde Sunglasses (Barcelona/Medellin/Hiroshima) to mention a few.

In addition, for the last twelve years he has been working in several personal projects. They cover the urban culture, lifestyle and traditions of European cities through photography and video documentary.

Remarkable places in South America and Japan feature prominently in his work. Both in personal and commission projects. An awesome collection of images of curious situations and stunning landscapes of some of the amazing places of the world we live in.
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