Andrés Santeliz

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Andrés Santeliz

I'm a Spanish teacher from Venezuela living in Getafe close to the Carlos III University. I have experience teaching Spanish as a second language and I also focus my classes in a dynamic and in creative way. Learning a language should be a fun experience because I love researching about new activities to do in class.

I can prepare the lessons depending on the requirements of the student:

- Business
- College
- Technical
- Conversational
- Accent reduction
- DELE preparation

Just get the phone and give a call.
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Preguntas y respuestas

¿Qué información debe pensar el cliente o clienta acerca del proyecto que quiere realizar antes de hablar con profesionales del sector?
Why do I need to learn a new language? Do I need to prepare myself for a proficiency test or I just need the language for traveling or living in the country? How I like to learn about new things?
¿Qué formación y experiencia tienes que estén relacionadas con tu trabajo?
I have a degree in Modern Languages and I'm currently getting a Master's degree in Cultural Criticism. Also, I took several courses on ontology for teachers and dynamics of learning.
¿Qué consejo le darías a alguien que quiera contratar profesionales de tu sector? ¿Hay algo esencial a tener en cuenta?
I think when you're looking for learning a new language, you should look for more than a native speaker: a person who is able to understand the language and to make it easier for the student.
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